Pure 3 in 1

pure 3 in 1

I do not use garnier Pure 3in1 daily, to avoid over-abrasion, but I think this is one great product. Thank you garnier for creating this! Visit official Garnier website and facebook page for more informations. Garnier Pure 3in1 WashScrubMask, facebook page, any suggestion for your choice on Clay mask? I would love to hear about.

Hence, as clay mask, this is really good. However, due to the thick consistency, it is not as easy to wash it off as a daily face wash. I really have to rub it and wash a few more times than usual. As a clay mask, it is so comfortable to wear, It doesnt dry out your skin that at the end you felt a strange tightness on your skin. Verdict, i love garnier mask Pure 3in1 WashScrubMask! This triple power anti imperfections product is my go-to-skin-rescue. I use it when I have blemishes, when I feel that my skin is too schoonheidssalon oily or when I have been wearing heavy makeup to clear up my pores. Sometimes, i use it as a face wash- quick, easy, refreshing. Most of the times i use it as clay mask, i spread it all over the face, a bit thicker on my chin, cheek and forehead. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then Ill use my finger tips to use the product as facial scrub. Every time after i use this product I feel so great.

pure 3 in 1
of 150ml. I like that you can control how much product you need depending on the pressure that you squeeze into. . The cap is sturdy. I did not experience any spill since i have them. Texture, the product is a thick cream with small bits of grainy pumice stone and blue sandy menthol pigments. It also contains kaolin, hence the rich, creamy texture. It has Eucalyptus extract and Menthol giving a fresh, cooling effect on using the product. Application, it is easily spread over the skin.
pure 3 in 1

Pure, active 3 in 1, clay mask Scrub Wash Oily skin 150ml - boots

Garnier Pure range has included this multifunctional product ervaringen that include facial wash, facial scrub and clay mask all in one. It contains salicylic acid and mineral complex to help especially blemish-prone skin (like mine). The garnier Pure range has been developed specially to help fight imperfections and control excess sebum. How do they do it? By simple combining stoma all three steps of skin care into one. I love how you can use it as your daily facial wash, or scrub or mask. Wash : enriched with, zinc, renowned as sebum-regulating properties, it intensely purifies and eliminates impurities.

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pure 3 in 1

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Pure, active 3-In-1, wash, Scrub, mask

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pure 3 in 1

Purex 3 in 1 ebay

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Garnier, pure 3, in 1, cleanser

I have been reviewing sheet masks (I absolutely love them) for a while, so i think i want to change it up a little bit. I have super oily skin. A skin care hg for oily skin, i think every girls would agree is Clay mask. It sucks all the sebum and wallen oil including the dirt and nourish the skin. I only recently found this clay mask from Garnier this year. Due to the ever-changing hot environment my skin has suffers greatly. My face is easily become oily and I have breakout easily.

Pure 3 in 1
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